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sardar shankar

I too use twblue but it misses out on certain functions like playing
videos from a tweet, viewing threads, viewing replies to a tweet,
not so useful autocomplition for tags and users, no way to view
notifications etc. please correct me if i'm wrong in any of these!

On 6/4/20, marilyn <> wrote:
Hello all,

A few Twitter questions.

Why would one use a Twitter app as opposed to

I have a Twitter account and have been accessing it with and IE.
Today I tried to log in, but couldn’t at all. I used Google Chrome and got
in, but now everything is different. I can’t find many of the items I used
to be able to read before, such as how many tweets I’ve sent, how many
people I follow, and how many followers I have. I also can’t find the place
that lists followers and the place where I can follow someone.

Is this a Jaws problem? If so, how can I fix it? If not, where can I go to
find out how to make the information readable again?

Many thanks.


From: [] On Behalf Of Michael
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2020 1:02 PM
Subject: Accesible Twitter Applications

Dear Listers, hope you are well. I'm sending this email just want to ask
whether if there is an Application that allow me to Access Twitter besides
using the Mainstream I'm soon going to be a broadcaster and in
my show, I would like to interact with my listeners. Unorder to do that, I
need to find an accessible Twitter program that enable me to quickly scan
each post at a very quick manner. If y'all know a program like this, Please
let me know
Best regards
Michael Munn

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