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Soronel Haetir

Honestly, even when I could still see I never had success with acrobat
hosted in the browser. Even then I was pretty much stuck saving the
file and loading it in reader.

Is having the PDF be a browser hosted form really a make or break issue for you?

On 2/23/12, Susan Kallsen <skallsen@...> wrote:
I have to add an IE question to this also!

My PDF is read by JAWS accurately in Firefox (as long as my cursor is
manually placed into the text area, see my issue with this below) but I just
tried it in Internet Explorer and it's not even recognizing it if I manually
place my cursor in the document.

More info: I created this in Acrobat Pro using all of the Accessibility tags
and edits necessary for it to "pass" as an entirely accessible document.

Welcome any tips or ideas! Thanks,


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hi all,
susan, wish i could help! i keep on hearing " blank document " or "empty
document " anybody please to help us???

On 2/23/12, Susan Kallsen <skallsen@...> wrote:

I think this has a simple answer, but I can't figure it out!

I have created an accessible PDF form in Acrobat that is used online
in a browser. Once the cursor is IN the text area, JAWS reads
everything very well. But I can't figure out how to get JAWS to tab
INTO the actual PDF, it just tabs between the URL and other things at
the top of the page in Firefox. How do I get it to jump into the actual



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