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Van Lant, Robin


I just tweaked one of my existing signatures without issue.  I find it most straight forward to shift tab past the Cancel and OK buttons to the edit field.  This is what JAWS tells me when I do that:


OK Button‑
Edit signature

Alt Tl
Signatures and Stationery


So, it’s a bit verbose as it lands in that edit field, which is the first shift tab after the OK button.  I typically type and format the signature as I want it in Word or in the email body, then cut and paste it into the edit box. 


The list of signatures you have created seems to be the found as a list with one tab from when the dialog opens.  There is a lot of clutter between this list and the edit box, which is why shift tabbing  works best.  H





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Now if the Outlook engineers would only make the edit box for creating your signature accessible ... it isn't as far as I can tell.

Or, do you have a trick for that other than getting someone with eyes that work?



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You can also use Alt M and then choose your signature.


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I accidentally discovered a cool trick in Outlook.  If you have more than one type of  email signature, based on the audience of your email, I thought we  had to go select the one we wanted each time from the Insert Ribbon under signatures.  Here’s the trick, as long as you have a default signature in any new email you create, you can simply arrow down into that signature text and open the context menu.  The list of your signatures are right there for you to select from and the whole thing will quickly update.   Sometimes the Outlook developers surprise me with the shortcuts they code.


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