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Gerald Levy

I have noticed that both Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox frequently crash when accessing using JAWS 2019.  This most often happens after I enter a search term into the Amazon search field.  The search results page will begin to load, but as soon as I try scrolling through the results, boom, the browser crashes.  Trying to restore the session from the restore dialog that pops up when I relaunch the browser never works, and almost always causes the browser to crash again when it attempts to reload the Amazon search results page.  It does not matter whether I use the latest version of Chrome, the latest version of Firefox or Firefox 52 ESR.  Interestingly,I do not experience these problems when using IE to access, proving yet again that reports of IE's uselessness as a web browser have been greatly exagerrated.


On 6/2/2020 11:05 PM, Judy wrote:
I have used I.E as well as well as Google Chrome. I find the easiest thing
to do is press the letter F and it will find the edit field and type in what
I'm looking for and then scroll down through the list of items, press enter
for the one you want to check out and when you find what you want press
enter on the "add to cart button." It was frustrating at first getting used
to the layout of the page. I hope this helped, but write back if it didn't.
Judy & Libby

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I use internet explore

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I use the latest version of Firefox without any problems.

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Hi, what browser are you trying to use? My experience is that it does differ
on how easy it is depending on the browser. Judy

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Hi my name is Amir  shah,  and I  am trying to place a order on
website I don’t think It is blind friendly any suggestion please?

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