moderated Re: summer convention specials

Gerald Levy

Normally, Vispero only offers special discounts to attendees at the ACB and NFB national conventions.  However, because both organizations will be holding their respective conventions entirely online this summer due to Corona virus restrictions and health concerns, it is unclear how Vispero would offer special discounts to convention participants, if they offer any discounts at all.  Almost nobody purchases JAWS outright any longer because it is far more cost effective to purchase a one-year license for only $90.  I doubt that Vispero would offer discounts on JAWS SMA's because they want to phase them out and gradually migrate all JAWS users to the one-year license arrangement, which would be more profitable for them over the long run.  Maybe as a gesture of good will to help out the thousands of blind consumers who are stuggling financially during the health crisis, Vispero will extend the free trial period for JAWS beyond June 30.


On 6/3/2020 6:30 AM, Dean Martineau wrote:

I’m curious if one can find any announcements of specials that Freedom Scientific is offering this summer.  They usually do offer some sort of discount, and I have seen somewhere plans to do so, but the last FSCast didn’t reveal them. 



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