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On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 07:45 AM, Morey Worthington wrote:
I cannot afford new Office Version.
I didn't want Office 365 and still don't.  There exists a thriving, and entirely legal, grey market for software licenses that came about secondary to legal rulings in the EU.  Every license for Office 2016 I have (and I have 4 of my own, and 1 that was purchased for a friend's machine) were obtained via the grey market via eBay.  I believe that even Office 2019 licenses are appearing on the grey market now, though Office 2016 has a number of years of support still ahead of it.

On the Grey Market  (PDF on Google Drive), if you want to read more detailed information I've written on this topic.

As far as free alternatives, Open Office has become far more "rickety" than Libre Office.  The thing I recommend most often, but have not done any accessibility testing with, is SoftMaker Free Office.  The look and feel of the user interface, at least for those of us who can see, is as close to MS-Office as I've ever encountered, and far closer than Libre Office or Open Office ever have been.  It is perfectly capable of handling all of the standard MS-Office file formats and has the very nice feature of allowing you to set it such that it uses those by default when saving files itself.  It's up to someone here to play with it to determine accessibility, or the lack thereof.


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