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On Tue, Jun 2, 2020 at 12:51 AM, Mike B wrote:
I totally understand that many things are done without knowing and programs such as Zemana won't know how to deal with screenreader users unless they are informed by the screenreader users themselves.
Please, for the love of all that's decent and pure, repeat this, inserting the correct company, as often as necessary!!

As the really odd-man out on groups such as this one, being that I can see, I know that when I say this sort of thing, and with the best of motivations (having been a developer once and knowing you can't and won't address things never brought to your attention, by anyone), that it comes across as being preached at, or at least can.  That doesn't change the fact that is absolutely, positively true.

And I will never be able to describe the problems encountered, even were I to try, in a way that accurately depicts what an actual screen-reader user experiences.  It's a divide I know I can't cross.

Your community needs more advocates such as yourself because, believe me (and as you certainly well know), most of the sighted world doesn't give computer accessibility a second thought.  It's not something they need, and we all tend to focus on our own needs to a very great extent.  And if you're in any sort of minority, you're going to have to constantly push to have those needs acknowledged and acted upon.  And you'll often hit walls, but you simply cannot stop because of that.

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