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And I will do just that!  I totally understand that many things are done without knowing and programs such as Zemana won't know how to deal with screenreader users unless they are informed by the screenreader users themselves.  This company sounds like they have their hearts in the right place and this program, from my 1st impression, could be a very accessible anti-malware program for screenreader users if the proper tweaks are recognized and applied.

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a few other buttons that sounded more like options in foreign languages pop-up
Which is not entirely shocking.  The company formed in 2007 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and still has an office there.  Its headquarters are now in Ankara, Turkey.

What is presented to the user is often a "skin" that's applied on top of the underlying program scaffolding, which could very well have a lot of its labeling in something other than English.  Heaven knows what's being exposed to a screen reader for announcing.

Zemana does have a support email, support@..., and I would encourage you to report your accessibility issues and other relevant findings to them.   The only way that software accessibility gets pushed forward is if those who put it out are aware of the issues.  That's no guarantee, either, but you cannot improve or fix something you're not aware about, and for many, and from ignorance, not malice, accessibility is just not on the table.  Nudges can get it put there.

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