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Glenn / Lenny

I was able to get it to scan, it took some experimenting.
When you are on the Home tab, using the PC cursor, right arrow to the scan tab.
Then use the left mouse click button on the number tab and it should say scan now button.

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I just gave Zemana a test drive, and what started out to be a promising program, isn't!  I tried accessing Zemana with Jaws versions 16 thru 2020 and NVDA latest with absolutely no success.  You can arrow / tab to various tabs, but getting them to open to see what's there ain't happenin.  I also tried navigating using the touch cursor with the same amount of no success, maybe even less!  This program seem to be promising, but unless I've totally went into a Zemana brainfart I don't think even I can't navigate programs that badly.  If anyone gives it a try, and has success, please report back.

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Sent: Saturday, May 30, 2020 9:49 AM
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Current Malwarebytes Free download page:

I have not done any accessibility testing with it, but I can also say that Zemana AntiMalware (free or paid) is no slouch, either.  Free download:

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