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Thanks for reminding me of that method. I knew there was a keyboard method
but couldn't remember it or find it.

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If I were doing it.

1. I would place the title at the top of the page. then double
space to the outline.
2. Type the Roman number I at the left margin, then tab once to type
in the text.
3. Press enter. You will now automatically have Roman number II. If
you want that, tab to add text. If not, tab once without typing
anything and the Roman II will magically become an A. Tab once from
the A to fill in the text and press enter.
4. Now you have B. If you want it, type the text and press enter
and you will have C.
5. If you don't want C, shift+tab and C will magically become Roman II.
6. If you want little Roman i, ii, and so on under C, tab once and
they will appear. Shift+tab to go farther to the left.

Have fun!

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