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tina sohl

hi. My cuz my husband currently has the Logitech k480. He loves it. I have also had this keyboard in the past and really really liked it. I currently have the iclever bk03 I believe it is. It is a Bluetooth keyboard which is a trifold. However it does not have a number pad if that's really important to you.


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I like the logitech 270, it is less expensive and it has the standard key layout, except it does not have a right windows key.
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I have run a long USB extension cable with the wireless receiver at the end to the middle of the house and haven’t had range problems witth any of the wireless keyboards I have used for years.


The bluetooth transmitter pairs with my earing aids well outside the house.




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Robert, I use the Logitech K780.  It’s interesting you mentioned range.  That is the one thing I like about it besides it being fully functional with num pad. I’ve used it in different rooms and I would gage the distance between the keyboard and receiver is at least 20 feet. I’ve had no difficulty using it in other rooms even though the receiver is stationary. I can’t remember whether it takes AAA or AA batteries.  It also fits nicely into a back pack, when we were not doing this social distancing thing.     

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