moderated Anyone else having issues accessing Windows Emoji panel with Windows 10 Version 2004 and JAWS 2020.2004.66?

Maria Kristic

Hi All,


I’m running the latest public build of JAWS 2020 (2004.66), with the Windows 10 May, 2020 update (version 2004). Since updating to this latest Windows 10 update, when I access the Windows 10 Emoji panel with WINDOWS+SEMICOLON or WINDOWS+PERIOD, JAWS either stays silent or only says menu, and using arrows or tabbing only produces the same result. This has happened no matter where I have invoked it—Outlook, Word, Notepad, etc. I have ensured that my window is maximized, and my Microsoft 365 Personal is up-to-date. If I try with the latest NVDA or Narrator, the panel works without issue. I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? Hopefully, this may just be a timing issue with this JAWS build being released prior to the May, 2020 Windows 10 update if others are also experiencing, and hopefully, it might work again with the June update which will be released after this Windows 10 update.


Thanks for any inputs!





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