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to set the headers in Thunderbird, IMO, you can use NVDA with the Mozilla enhancement addon to reorder the headers the way you'd like and then go back to using JAWS. there is a way to do it with JAWS but I cannot find the instructions which were not very clear anyway.

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Date: Sunday, May 31, 2020, 3:31 AM
Subject: Windows Live Mail Stopped Working in Windows 10 2004 20H1
Hi all,

just to let you know that said programme does not work anymore.
It seems I am able to receive e-mail, but they do not open and display an
error along the lines of: "Low memory or disk space.", neither of which is
This convertible has 12 gigs of ram and a 512 GB SSD.

I've tried Outlook and Thunderbird, but both have their different quirks.

Outlook will often crash when trying to scroll through messages, or produce
weird errors and not load at all. A PC restart usually fixes that, but for
such an advanced software, this is not really acceptable.
Also, there is this weird search area present in every inbox, can this be
deactivated so I can jump from the message list to the folder tree view?
Opening e-mail in Outlook usually takes longer, and sometimes I need to
press enter twice.
I've disabled animations wherever possible. are there any settings I can
try to make it a bit less sluggish?
The version I'm using is: Microsoft Outlook Abonnement Version

Thunderbird seems to be less resource hungry, however, I cannot seem to
reorder columns for me to hear "unread, attachment" etc. before the actual
email, and hear the sender's name like I was used to in Live Mail.

Are there any settings I should be aware of in Thunderbird?
The version is Thunderbird 68.8.1.

Thanks for any insights.



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