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By the way, I mis-spoke when I said WLM was more powerful than Outlook. Outlook is probably the most powerful email client but has way too many features that I don’t need or want to contend with. WLM fits my needs and that is what everyone require from their client.
Like most things in the computing world, if you like a program and it fits your nee
ds, it is the best for you.

From: Brian Vogel
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2020 8:12 AM
Subject: Re: Windows Live Mail Stopped Working in Windows 10 2004 20H1
WLM 2012 does seem to still be chugging along just fine.  If anyone needs the installer, I archived it less than 7 days before it was pulled when Microsoft ended official support for it, though I recommend going to another currently supported e-mail client or webmail.  Windows Live Mail (Windows Essentials) 2012 (ZIP format)

NVDA has an add-on that allows for easy rearrangement of the columns in Thunderbird, Mozilla Apps Enhancements, among numerous other things.  So if you're also an NVDA user I'd suggest trying that if you wish to rearrange, add, or remove columns in Thunderbird.

The fact is that when it comes to an email client security, not ease of use (within reason), is paramount.  The older an email client is, if it's been out of support, the easier it is for those who want to find attack surfaces to find them and exploit them.

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