moderated Too Much Repeated Information in Outlook 2016

Barbara Sheinbein

Hi Everyone,


I have a Windows 10 computer, use JAWS 2020, and Office 2016 on a laptop.


When I use the up/down arrow in the Inbox of Outlook, I am hearing repeated phrases.


I hear either:

If there are problems with how this is displayed, then open in a browser



line breaks have been removed



I may of not gotten the wording perfect above.  Smile. 


Most of the time it prevents JAWS from reading the information for the message in the message list and I have to have JAWS repeat that message in the Inbox.  I do not know if this is a JAWS issue or an Office 2016  issue.  I have Office 2013 on a different computer with all else the same and I do not hear this.  How to get rid of the extra chatter?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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