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Hank William Merchant <hank_w@...>

To all that have responded thus far to my inquiry email on how is jaws 2020 better with google chrome, I really appreciate all your very helpful responses. Thanks very, very much for all the very helpful responses thus far on this inquiry.
Ps. So is the latest update of Win10 coming out in a week or 2 going to not work with Jaws18, but wil yes work really good with Jaws2020? I am currently using my jaws18 with Win10. Much, much thanks in advance for any possible help I can get on this new inquiry will jaws18 work with the update of win10 coming out in a week or so from today May 29?
Warmest regards,
From: Sieghard Weitzel
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 12:41 PM
Subject: Re: how is jaws2020 better when using google chrome?

True, there are users with machines which belong to their employer who can’t reinstall Windows easily or as in your case where you may not want to do so because of your agreement with Del. When I first bought this Asus Zenbook I actually didn’t reinstall Windows 10 either although I upgraded it from the Home version it came with to the Pro version I use at my business, but it ran quite well so I left it alone.

If I reinstall Windows I first delete all partitions, then repartition the drive, reformat it and then reinstall and while I don’t do this unless absolutely necessary it is a last resort which often will help.

As for changes in Jaws 2020 and Chrome-based browsers or the internet in general, they do exist even though you may not notice them or use them. The internet and the way web designers code web pages changes all the time and in order to keep up with these changes it is my opinion that you will get the best experience with the latest version of Jaws and this of course also applies to applications like the Office programs, Zoom which many of us use these days and so on. In the case of Zoom the latest version of Jaws 2020 includes scripts which you wouldn’t have in Jaws 2019 let alone earlier versions. Below are some examples of changes with respect to the internet:


Reduced Double Speaking of Form Control Prompts

When navigating and filling out forms on the web, it has become increasingly common for web page authors to include the prompt inside the control in addition to assigning an accessible Tag for the control. While non-screen reader users only see the written prompt, those using a screen reader are getting both the Prompt and accessible Tag in Speech as well as Braille if a display is in use. Often times, the web page author has assigned the same text for each, so it appears the screen reader is double speaking. In JAWS 2020, we have greatly reduced the amount of double speaking of form controls as you navigate using speech and Braille by comparing the prompt and these tags, and only speaking or brailling them both if they are different.


Virtual Cursor Toggle Now Tab Specific in Google Chrome

Today, there are many web apps where using the Virtual Cursor is not the best approach. An example of this can be seen if you use Gmail in the Chrome Browser. In these cases, it makes sense to toggle the Virtual Cursor off by pressing INSERT+Z and then use this application with the PC cursor. Many users also regularly open multiple tabs (CTRL+T) so they can easily access different sites such as GMail plus one or two other pages by moving between the open tabs using CTRL+TAB. This can become frustrating as you need to constantly press INSERT+Z to get the right cursor in use as you switch between tabs.

Beginning with version 2020, we are introducing an option to help JAWS automatically remember the state of the Virtual Cursor for each tab once you set it. It will also announce whether the Virtual Cursor is on or off as you move between various tabs. Once you close the browser, or restart JAWS, it will default back to its default behavior so you will need to set this each day as you use it.


General Changes in Response to Customer Requests

By default, JAWS and Fusion now skip over blank lines while navigating using the Virtual Cursor. This improves reading when navigating web pages, PDF documents, Help Files, and the JAWS Results Viewer without announcing all the blank lines. If you want to hear blank lines as you navigate text, open Settings Center (INSERT+6) and clear the "Skip Blank Lines While Navigating" check box.

Added a new Quick Settings (INSERT+V) option called "Announce Count of Links, Headings, etc. when page loads," which is on by default. Turning this setting off causes JAWS and Fusion not to announce the number of these elements when a web page loads.

While browsing the internet, JAWS will no longer announce "Clickable" by default as you move to various content.

You should no longer hear the message "Press JAWS Key+ALT+R to hear descriptive text" as you navigate form controls and certain other elements on the web.

Removed extraneous "Insert F1 Help" announcements that were heard when navigating through various controls on the web.



From: <> On Behalf Of Patrick Murphy
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 8:18 AM
Subject: Re: how is jaws2020 better when using google chrome?




Sorry, I meant to say 2018.

With regard to my issues, I mentioned nothing in relation to my recent problems in my last posting.

I simply pointed out, that in my experience, I found no difference between jaws 2020 or 2018 when it came to functionality with google chrome.

In my opinion this is not unusual as jaws for the most part, acts the same way with applications, unless there has been a specific change to jaws to fix/enhance something which didn’t work in the last version.

As I said there is a difference when it comes to microsoft’s chrome edge. This is to be expected, as jaws 2020 has addressed the problem with the “jaws find” function in chrome edge.

I understand your points below, but we all don’t have the ability to reinstall windows whenever it is needed.

Personally, I have a del laptop under warranty. If I want windows installed, they are the ones to do it.

This is necessary, in order to keep up my four year service agreement with them.

As you know, all of these installations come with loads of things that you don’t want.

By the time you have uninstalled all the “trial” versions of everything, you have a version of windows that could have been damaged anyway since its installation.

Having installed windows from scratch yourself, you will be aware, that uninstalling things can leave a footprint behind. Quite often, there are empty directories, and entries in the registery which were not deleted.

In my 25 years as a software developer, I have seen this numerous times.

The only way to be absolutely sure that you have a proper version of windows, is to actually install it yourself without any of the “optional” features.

Again, in order to be sure, there should be absolutely nothing on the drive when you start, or you could be installing over files that are already there. This is something else that Microsoft will do from time to time, in that if something exists, it will leave it alone and install around it.

Then, of course, there is the windows home and professional additions, which in themselves, have different functionality, group security policies being one of them.




From: [] On Behalf Of Sieghard Weitzel
Sent: Tuesday 26 May 2020 15:55
Subject: Re: how is jaws2020 better when using google chrome?


Patrick, are you using Jaws 18 or Jaws 2018, they are not the same, Jaws 2018 is a year newer than Jaws 18 and as far as I know there are more and more problematic areas with Jaws 18 and the latest version of Windows which is about to get rolled out. Also keep in mind that your issues are not everybody’s issues and probably not even problems a lot of people experience. I understand how frustrating it is when you run into problems nobody else or almost nobody else seems to have, but these situations do exist where a combination of your hardware and how everything is configured causes strange issues which are hard to fix and even harder to reproduce. In such a case and when all else fails a clean reinstallation of Wibndows may be the only way forward although I am not somebody who suggests this solution lightly. I currently experience strange slow-downs on my laptop at home, granted it’s over 3 years old, but it’s also a high-end machine with a six generation I7 processor, 16Gb of RAM and a 512Gb SSD. I find Outlook, Edge and Google Chrome as well as certain File Explorer tasks to be quite slow especially when compared to my work PC. I have been using the upcoming Windows 10 version via the Windows Insider program for a few months now because I am also a Jaws beta tester and feel I should try and use upcoming Windows versions so I can test new features and provide feedback accordingly, but as soon as the 2004 version is officially out and I can get the Media Creation Tool for it, I plan to wipe this laptop clean and reinstall Windows from scratch, then Jaws 2020, Office and any other applications I use and I know this will improve things since I have done it with other PC’s many times.

If somebody is 3 or 4 years behind with Jaws it will always be my recommendation to upgrade especially since sooner rather than later it is probably necessary. Yes, I know there are people out there who still use computers which are 8 or 10 years old with the now unsupported Windows 7 with Jaws 16 or 17 and programs like Outlook Express which have also been discontinued and are in my opinion super unsecure to use, but this is not my philosophy.



Best regards,



From: <> On Behalf Of Patrick Murphy
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 12:11 AM
Subject: Re: how is jaws2020 better when using google chrome?


Hi Hank,


I am still using jaws 18 with windows 10 latest release. I did install a trial version of jaws 2020, but there was no difference.

There was a difference however, between jaws 2018 and 2020 when using the Microsoft edge version of chrome.

If you like google chrome, and your jaws 2018, try a browser called brave.

It is chrome based, but has a much lighter footprint on your computer and will work with windows 7 and 10.





From: [] On Behalf Of Sieghard Weitzel
Sent: Tuesday 26 May 2020 06:38
Subject: Re: how is jaws2020 better when using google chrome?


I didn’t see any other replies, but for many of us Jaws 18 was so long ago, I for one don’t remember how it was different.

I assume you are still on Windows 7? Upgrading to the latest version of Jaws is also going to be more and more necessary if you want to run the latest release of Windows 10 which is coming up in the next few weeks.


From: <> On Behalf Of Hank William Merchant
Sent: Monday, May 25, 2020 12:18 PM
Subject: Re: how is jaws2020 better when using google chrome?





I am currently using jaws18, before I go and buy jaws2020, can someone maybe please give me just a couple of examples of how google Chrome works alot better with Jaws2020 versus the older version Jaws18?


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Much thanks in advance for any help with this.








Warmest regards,





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