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Sean Murphy

Yes and aria-label will address the issue.  This is  one method  

My experience is the part 

On 31 May 2020, at 5:38 am, Patrick Murphy <murphy.patrick42@...> wrote:



Maybe someone else has seen this.

On a web page form, you will obviously have a number of different types of input, text boxes, combos, radio buttons etc.

One of these is a “textarea” which typically is used for entering something like a large query or something to be sent.

When tabbing through the various form controls, jaws will read out the labels associated with other input controls, but just says “edit” when it comes to the text area control.

If you tab away from it, and return to it after entering something, it just says “contains text”.

The label attached to it could say something like “please enter your query”.

If you come out of forms mode, and read the page normally, you will see the label text.

Has anyone seen this?

Any work arounds?




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