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HI Vaughn,
Thanks for the info! Do let us know how Canvas works? Last I heard it wasn't accessible.
Thanks again,

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If you are looking for discussions it is under your course's page. It is quite easy to find. Use links list or search for discussion. It is part of the options in the same area of my grades, assignments etc.
I've been using it for 2 semesters now.

My university is switching over to Canvas. It seems simplier to use.


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If that is the case, there should be a link labeled "discusions" with
the unit or section name. if you click that link, you enter the
discussion area where you can read your classmate's post and create
your own with the "create" link.

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Apparently that is where the Tools menu is, we still haven't found it,
but are meeting with the AT specialist tomorrow.



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When you say course management, What actually do you want to do? I am
not sure about the collaboration. The only collaboration that I have
with my classmetes is when we discuss a topic in the discussion area.

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