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well it seems that James is hosting the list off of his own site in Canada, and yes one can do such things, normally a ISP provider will give you a automated group server handling program such as mailman and you can run a list, usually those who do this are companies and the list has to do with there product/products, but in this case he used it for the jfw list.

I think he is somewhere around Ottawa Canada.

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So sorry I was dead beat at gone midnight last night, I should have called
it a day, but drilling at a house just uphill of me had caused bedlam
during normal hours, I only wanted to know, after our moves of late where
we are, it is true a friend in Hampshire did say he thought it was once in
Australia., I do not know, I believe someone called Jonathon Mosem is in
either Australia or New Zealand but he would not have a list would he? I
cannot recall just what he does?
Sorry again for the messy email regards Dorothy

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