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Marianne Denning

The Qbraille does not have a qwerty keyboard. It has the escape, f1-f12, delete, insert, page up and down, end and home, the arrow keys and the keys that are found at the bottom of a qwerty key board. You use the Braille keys for key board entry.

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Hello Richard,
Thank you for the feedback. The elbraille does not have a qwerty keyboard but one can connect a keyboard to the device via bluetooth or USB.

On 5/27/20, Richard Turner <> wrote:
When I tested the QBraille about a year ago using USB, with JAWS, it
worked fine.
If you have not handled one, the only QWERTY keys are the function
keys, 1 through 12, and arrow keys, shift, control, alt, and Windows, as I recall.

So, you are mostly using braille commands.
I've not handled the El Braille, but it is basically a Focus 40 5th
Generation docked with a Windows machine, so as I understand it, you
are again using braille commands, or does it have a full QWERTY keyboard?

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On May 27, 2020, at 9:04 PM, Shai <> wrote:

I am looking at the q-braille from Hims or the el-braille and I wanted
to get peoples' thoughts on which one is most efficient? I like the
idea of having a qwerty keyboard and perkins style keyboard on the
device but I also am thinking of a windows portable machine.
How well does the q-braille work with JAWS? I did read the access
world review and it sound like there were issues between the qwerty
keyboard and braille display.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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