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doesn't the recognition In JAWS 2020 automatically maximize the PDF before applying it's OCR?

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Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 9:57 AM
Subject: alert open emty document
Actually, you do not have to save the document first, just open it from
the attachment, then the Jaws OCR will work fine.

I would make sure it was maximized though before doing the OCr.


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I think you have to save the attachment, go into it on whatever folder
you saved it into, and try reading it that way. You might have to use
the JAWS OCR feature, so press the following keystrokes. The layered
command is insert and spacebar. Important, this is the insert key on
your numberpad of a full keyboard for desktop. After pressing this,
press o for OCR and d for document. Hope this helps.

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Hi guys my name is amir shah. I am using jaws 2020 on my machine.
When I receive  a attachment,  When I open the attachment jaws will
alert me with a message that “say” alert open empty document .
before when I open the attachment jaws will  let me no if I want to
 scan the document even when I scan the document it will  say the
same thing.  So what do I do. Thank you  for any  suggestion

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