moderated Re: jaws and internet input fields.

Patrick Murphy



This is to do with jaws 2018/2020.

The field i have to input on the web site is a “required” field.

When focus is on it, the message that jaws reports is “required invalid entry”.

This happens the first time you set focus to it, because there is nothing in it.

Once you input something, it works fine in that it does not tell you that it is required, or invalid entry because there is something in it.

If you take the text out of it, it defaults back to “required invalid entry”.

There is no problem with this if someone without a screen reader is using the site, but from an accessibility point of view, its not good.

I am developing this site myself. So far, i have found no accessible route around this, despite looking up the various accessibility guide lines (wcag2) etc.

Am i missing something?

Is anyone a programmer out there that has found an accessible work around for this?

Just for your information, the web site is written using html and php. On this particular page, there is no java script.

The fields are always blank when the page is presented to the user.



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