moderated gathering a list of useful extensions for chrome and jaws!!

Shan Noyes

Hi all!
Well my company has our corporate systems pretty locked down. We use chrome but before I go and ask for aa useful extension I found out about I thought I would write and gather a list of useful extensions and take the entire list over to them.  This is because we are not able to install our own extensions the chrome is managed.
The extension I found out about is called
Sas graphics accelerator it was developed by the stats company SAS and is really really cool for looking at charts, bar graphs and other types of big data.  I installed it yesterday on my personal computer its cool.  Go try it out.  It augments the reviewing of the charts etc with sounds that add a lot of information that the sighted person would just pick up by being able to see the entire picture at one time.
Go to the site and search for sas graphics accelerator
I did it and hopefully the link below works for you.
Looking for your list of extensions and please say why the extension is useful.
Thanks and have a good day everyone.

Shan Noyes and guide dog Danson

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