moderated Re: alert open emty document

Richard Turner

If doing OCR still says its empty, then maybe it is empty?
Perhaps just a picture that has no text?
Can you get someone to look at it?
Or try using Picture Smart instead of Convenient OCR?


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On May 23, 2020, at 12:05 AM, Amir Shah <4amir.shah@...> wrote:

Hi guys my name is amir shah. I am using jaws 2020 on my machine. When I receive  a attachment,  When I open the attachment jaws will alert me with a message that “say” alert open empty document . before when I open the attachment jaws will  let me no if I want to  scan the document even when I scan the document it will  say the same thing.  So what do I do. Thank you  for any  suggestion  

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