Moderated Re: puzzling problem with Outlook rules for managing emails

Rayn Darren

HI Bill,

Try this:

  1. Create new rule
  2. Advance options
  3. Check the box for specific words in to/cc/bcc/subject depending on which you wish
  4. Enter the specific words
  5. Save

That should work. Best of luck!



From: <> On Behalf Of Bill Spiry
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2020 5:33 PM
Subject: puzzling problem with Outlook rules for managing emails


Hi list.

I use Windows 10, MS office 360 with the issue specifically relating to Outlook


I use multiple email accounts in outlook and set up a rule in certain of my email accounts to copy incoming emails into those accounts over into my main default or “favorites” inbox. I do this to consolidate  emails into a single inbox so I don’t have to check each account separately. I’ll refer to this as the “general copy rule”.


However, I receive emails from various list serves etc that I don’t want to be copied into my default inbox but rather want to be directly moved into subfolders I have setup before the general copy rule above is triggered.


Unfortunately, The move to subfolder rules are moving the list serve emails to the target subfolders but not before the general copy rule runs and moves a copy into my main inbox, messy and annoying.


I’ve tried to figure out how to set the rules to make them work as desired, including  changing the order of the rules (i.e. placing the general copy rule at the top and at the bottom of the list of rules in the rule management dialog, but without success.


I suspect there is another setting or two in the rule setup that I should be using but cannot figure it out. Anyone have some expertise or insight into the “rules” of outlook rules who would offer some advice?



Thanks much.




Billy Spiry




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