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It sounds to me like Internet Explorer 9 is behaving normally. When You get that prompt just press alt+N and tab to the save split button. Click that and wait for the download to complete. You might want to do another alt+N again and tab to the close button to close the notification bar. Your zipped download will be found in the download folder under owner. From there you can unzip it or move it to what ever folder you want to move it to.

On 2/22/2012 11:03 AM, sandy stegmayer wrote:
I have no idea what happened. Yesterday when I went to, I had no problem downloading. This morning when I clicked on a download link I was told that the Notification Bar needed a response. Not knowing what it was I went to help and found that it couldn't be turned off but if I clicked on no, it would close. Okay, I did that and guess what, it navigated back to the browse page and I no longer could download. Does anyone know what I can do other than go back to IE 8? The strange thing is, I didn't do any updates overnight... that I know of. I swear I have gremlins living in my computer. UGH!

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