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When Windows performs a major update, as is supposed to be the case for the soon to be released major update for Windows 10, before updating the system Windows normally creates a backup in a separate folder. When the update has been completed, you can check your system to see wich programs no longer exist following the update. Having done that, you can go to the Windows backup folder, and depending whether the system is a 32 or 64 bit operating system, you can copy/move the program folder to the same location in the Windows folder. Once you have done that, you can run the program, and, if necessary, make any changes to the program.

For me, when Windows notifies me of the new update, I will use Image For Windows, to make a backup of my system drive, just in case the update does not go according to plan. In that case, I can restore my system to its original state, and try updating again.


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This is why using an outdated email program like Edora is a bad idea.
It may stop working with your email service provider at any time for no
apparent reason. Maybe it's just obsolete and is no longer supported by
the provider. And there is no guarantee that a feature update to
Windows 10 won't break it or even delete it, as it does to Outlook
Express. So for those of you who still swear by it, great. But don't be
surprised if it suddenly stops working or else you have to start jumping
through hoops to keep it working.


On 5/19/2020 1:46 PM, Larry Gassman wrote:
Yes, Eudora definitely does work.
My current issue is that Eudora works for me accept when sending e-mail.
This just started a few days ago.
So I am not sure if it is Eudora or Roadrunner.
I can send using outlook and Gmail, but currently not Eudora.
Any thoughts?

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eudora works quite well with jaws 2020 and windows 10. no trouble

Legend has it that on Tuesday 5/19/2020 05:41 AM, Morey Worthington said:
Morning all. Does anyone know if there is a version of Eudora which
might work with Jaws2020 and Win 10?

Just food for thought.


Morey Worthington


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