moderated Re: Jaws script for reporting progress bar via sounds


well, aside of this, I'm surprised that vespero has not implemented a custom user dictionary that allows for symbolic phonetic representation. It's time for them to notice that a jdf dictionary it's OK for adding acronyms, abbreviations, or nomenclatures, but it's not good enough for adding authentic changes in how the synths pronounce some words, especially taking into account that jaws is used in many languages.

On 5/19/2020 3:53 PM, David Goldfield wrote:

This is a capability which I'm surprised that Vispero has not implemented. I submitted a request to Brian Hartgen that he would consider adding this to Leasey and he graciously did so and did so very quickly, I might add. His sounds are a bit different from those used by Doug Lee as well as with other screen readers but the capability is there, along with tons of other utilities.

On 5/7/2020 10:24 AM, Leo wrote:

Hi everyone,

I tried to install some jaws scripts for reporting progress bar via sounds. The name of the script is jgauge, and I founded in this page:


it’s an executable file, but right in the end of the installation process, a message was displayed telling me that there had been an error. I believe that the script is compatible with my version of jaws 2020 since the installer properly identified this jaws version.


What could it have gone wrong?

Can someone provide this same script to be installed manually?






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