Re: creating graphs in word or excel with JAWS

Lisa Larges

Hi There,
I'm sure this is possible in Word too, but in Excel, you can choose a line
graph by going to the Insert menu; (alt + N) and then either tabbing to
charts or using K.

A chart in Excel is an object, and JAWS will read the contents of the chart
to you using the virtual viewer. You can also use Control + Shift + O to
get a list of objects on your spread sheet and use the arrow key to select
the chart you've created.
There may also be more helpful information in the Jaws training material or
under the excel keystrokes with jaws.

Lisa Larges

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Hello Everyone,

I am needing to create a graph of data for a major project that I am doing
for school. Does anyone know if I can create line graph to chart data with
Word 2007 or Excel 2007 or above.


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