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Glenn / Lenny

I really don't find security to be an issue with an eMail program.
If you don't open attachments from unknown senders, and if you don't follow
links from unknown senders, you will stay safe from anything that might
wander in to your inbox.

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My concern about using Eudora is that it no longer receives updates,
particularly updates which improve or fix security issues. This is
something that I ask Eudora users to consider.

On 5/19/2020 1:46 PM, Larry Gassman wrote:
Yes, Eudora definitely does work.
My current issue is that Eudora works for me accept when sending e-mail.
This just started a few days ago.
So I am not sure if it is Eudora or Roadrunner.
I can send using outlook and Gmail, but currently not Eudora.
Any thoughts?

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eudora works quite well with jaws 2020 and windows 10. no trouble

Legend has it that on Tuesday 5/19/2020 05:41 AM, Morey Worthington said:
Morning all. Does anyone know if there is a version of Eudora which
might work with Jaws2020 and Win 10?

Just food for thought.


Morey Worthington


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