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Steve Nutt

Thanks for that.

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for JAWS, it is insert+alt+tab which is a toggle between suspending and resuming the session.

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Hi Steve,
In fact one can switch between both machines in both programs, in NVDA, it's F11, and I forget what it is in Jaws.
But that System Access software for this task looks interesting too.
The only trouble might be if one has to pay a monthly subscription for SA, which wouldn't be good if they have a working copy of Jaws.
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I think what you need is RIM.

It is better than Tandem in several ways.

It is screen reader agnostic, that means it knows if there is one loaded, and will tell the technician which screen reader and version. But if one isn't loaded, then it will load a version of System Access on the remote machine for temporary use.

It also has the advantage that you can switch between the host and client computers, which I don't believe you can do with Tandem.

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Hi everyone,

Is there a remote access software program that works well with JAWS? I know most programs give you a video graphic of the other person's screen. Is there a way to hear the other person's screen so that you can navigate it with JAWS? I know JAWS Tandem does this, but I need a program where I can also access the computer of someone without JAWS.

All the Best,
Brian Switzer


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