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Curtis Delzer

Hey Larry, this info may help you.

At 5/5/2019 02:01 PM, Carol J. Elkins wrote:
At 11:00 PM 5/4/2019, Eudora-Win Digest wrote:
Have you patched your sister's Eudora to use the new Hermes QCSSL libraries? If not, there's good odds these days from that symptom you've described that this is what you'll need.

I'll send instructions if you confirm this update hasn't yet been made to her Eudora.

Ken, I'd appreciate receiving the most recent instructions for installing the Hermes qcssl.dll When it was discussed back in February, I saved several messages that continued to tweak the instructions. Having a fresh set all in one place would be helpful.

Hi, Carol,

Here you go! They're all essentially the same at the core. I just tweak to make more precise and/or add a couple of notes that might help in some cases. Here's today's update:


Although the developers working on Hermes haven't yet released that, they HAVE released an updated SSL library for Eudora that you can patch right into your existing copy of Eudora 7.1. It will (1) resolve a lot of certificate problems, and (2) add support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2, which will keep Eudora working with mail servers that have dropped or will soon drop support for TLS 1.0.

To install this SSL library into your existing Eudora installation:

(Use at your own risk: I am unaffiliated with the Hermes project, but merely a satisfied user trying to make things easier with these instructions.)

1) Download this ZIP file and extract it somewhere: NOTE: If you downloaded this already but before Oct. 29, 2018, you'll need to download it again now, because the pre-Oct. 29th version wasn't fully functional.

2) Quit Eudora

3) Find your Eudora program files folder, the one that contains Eudora.exe, which is likely a different folder than your Eudora data folder.
(In Windows Vista/7/8/10, this might be like "...\Program Files(x86)...\Qualcomm\Eudora". In Windows XP and earlier, it might be like "...\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora". But it just depends on where you installed Eudora.)

4) Make backup copies of these 4 files that are in your Eudora program files folder: libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, ssleay32.dll

5) Run vcredist.exe that you extracted in step 1. You might already have a new enough version of this Microsoft library on your system, in which case it will tell you that and will abort. That's fine: it means you already have the needed Microsoft library and can proceed.

6) Copy these new 4 files you extracted in step 1 (libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, ssleay32.dll) into your Eudora program files folder. You'll see they're from 2018 instead of 2006.

7) Start Eudora.

8) Check your incoming and outgoing mail settings.
(Your main settings are under Tools->Options->"Checking Mail" and "Sending Mail". They're additionally in each of your Personalities that you use to send and receive mail: Tools->Personalities, and then for each personality, right click, Properties, and look at both tabs "Generic Properties" and "Incoming Mail".)
In each of those two places, look at the "Secure Sockets when Sending" / "Secure Sockets when Receiving" dropdown. If you see "If Available, STARTTLS" or "Required, STARTTLS" in any of those places, some mail servers might need those to be changed to "Required, Alternate Port".

9) Attempt to retrieve email and send email with your personality/ies. Most certificate errors should be gone, and sending and receiving should be functional.

10) If you're using a server that has support for TLS 1.1 or 1.2, you can verify that Eudora is now using one of these: Go to each of the two places described in step 8 (i.e. in "Options" and/or as any Personality you've successfully connected with since restarting Eudora). In each, press the button "Last SSL Info". On the info window that pops up, find the "SSL version field". You should see "TLSv1.2" or "TLSv1.1", instead of "TLSv1", which will confirm that the new libraries are now using the new protocols with those servers.


Curtis Delzer
K 6 V F O
Rialto, CA

On 5/19/2020 10:46 AM, Larry Gassman wrote:
Yes, Eudora definitely does work.
My current issue is that Eudora works for me accept when sending e-mail.
This just started a few days ago.
So I am not sure if it is Eudora or Roadrunner.
I can send using outlook and Gmail, but currently not Eudora.
Any thoughts?
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eudora works quite well with jaws 2020 and windows 10. no trouble
Legend has it that on Tuesday 5/19/2020 05:41 AM, Morey Worthington said:
Morning all. Does anyone know if there is a version of Eudora which
might work with Jaws2020 and Win 10?

Just food for thought.


Morey Worthington


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