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Glenn / Lenny

Yeah, one of the things I liked about it, and I haven't seen this in T-Bird
is that you could set it to put attachments that were downloaded in a
folder, so that the attachments were never in the eMail program, so if I got
an attachment from someone, I would not have to save it from my message.

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Eudora did one thing and did it well. An analogy; I don't want my coffee
maker to paint the garage, get the kids from day care and sweep the
sidewalk. Sometimes simple is better. I am grudgingly working with Outlook
but miss my old email client. RIP Eudora.
Pat Byrne

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Why would you want to use such an outdated and unsupported email program
as Edora? Instead, try Mozilla Thunderbird, which is largely based on
Edora, and is completely compatible with JAWS 2020 and Windows 10.


On 5/19/2020 6:41 AM, Morey Worthington wrote:
Morning all. Does anyone know if there is a version of Eudora which
might work with Jaws2020 and Win 10?

Just food for thought.


Morey Worthington

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