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Glenn / Lenny

I've used TeamViewer on another person's personal computer.

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Jumping in here because I've been experimenting. Does JAWS work this way
with Teamviewer as well? Or is it only for RDP/Citrix? RDP isn't available
on non-pro versions of Windows 10, and since it's someone's personal
machine, they won't be installing Citrix.

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I work for a large corporation.
A Citrix farm with was created.
Only one license needs to be purchased for the client.
You can install as many jaws instances on as many remote servers as you
Another solution would be to create a dedicated server with jaws which only
Jaws users will have access to.
The company I work for implemented both of the above solutions.


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Yes, and it is not doable to have JAWS installed on the remote computer if
you work for a large company, especially if you could be connected to a
different server each time you connect based on load balancing.

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RDP requires jaws on the remote computer.
Also the license for remote access for jaws needs to be purchased.


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Hi everyone,

Is there a remote access software program that works well with JAWS?
I know most programs give you a video graphic of the other person's
screen. Is there a way to hear the other person's screen so that you
can navigate it with JAWS? I know JAWS Tandem does this, but I need a
program where I can also access the computer of someone without JAWS.

All the Best,
Brian Switzer

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