moderated Re: Removing Protected View From One Word Document

Janelle Edwards

My problem is solved 😊. Here are my results with the various suggestions on my particular computer and again my thanks to everyone who responded.

Hit "F6" and tab to enter.

The first time I did this I found a setting that needed to be changed using radio buttons. It was set to not allow protected view removal. Now protected view is still on by default but can be disabled here as well as with the next two methods below, which did not work until I changed this setting.

If you have the file in Word, "Alt F" then the letter "I" then the letter "E."

This works now and "E" stands for enable.

"Using control s for save as will give you the ability to save it as a new file. You will have to take over when you press control s and select disabled protected view, or something like that."

This works now. It saves the file with the current name.

" If the file is downloaded from the internet, go into context menu, select property and uncheck the unblock checkbox. If that still doesn't work, quite likely the file has been set to protected by the author."

I have used this method in the past but could not remember the word "unblock" yesterday. These particular files do not offer "unblock," but I noted it for future files.

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