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Hi Kevin,

I use Microsoft word regularly because I’m a college student.

I hope you do it good with Microsoft word 2016 because the last I remember is that I got serious troubles with the comments in this particular version, of course, that was almost a year ago when I decided to switch to office 2019 and check it there was any enhancement in this regard. I was proven to be right, and since then I’ve been using this version, but may be these Microsoft guys fixed the issue with the comments in the 2016 version.


anyway, to help you out, I will give you a few keyboard shortcuts that will surely make your life easier when text processing.


First and foremost, when you are in a document, press jaws key plus h, and this will bring up a very helpful list of commands that you can use, including commands for listing comments, grammar mistakes, etc.


Secondly, to insert a comment, select a word and press control plus alt plus m.

Thirdly, to reply to a comment I do the following:

I locate the jaws cursor before the word that contains the comment, and press alt plus r plus n. Important! This key combination is a word combination, so you do not press all of them at once, but one followed by the other. This will locate the cursor exactly over the comment you want to reply to. Now what you have to do is is to bring up the context menu and arrow down until you find the option to reply.


As a side note, if everything is working fine in your version of Microsoft word, I strongly suggest disabling automatic updates because in my experience some updates can really mess the accessibility.








On 5/18/2020 10:57 AM, kevin meyers wrote:

Hello, I’m using the most recent version of Jaws2020 and MS word2016. I will be working with an editor in which they will use the editing and being able to leave comments. I’m not sure if I’m using the correct words when talking about grammar and other errors. Who does Jaws interact with the messages left in a document by an editor? I know in the past Jaws didn’t recognize the comments to well. This was years ago. Any thoughts will be a big help. Cheers, Kevin

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