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I use Linux a lot, and the times I have used Windows 10, I have been disappointed at the changes, such as in the start menu, and turning off courtana and then there are the ribbons.
Linux still uses the pull down menus like in good old windows, and as far as the desktop, the only three differences that stand out are 1, getting to the desktop, that is done with alt control D instead of windows M or D.
And 2, the start menu in Linux is alt F1 instead of using just the start menu in old windows, win 10 seems to have mucked this up in some configurations, and 3, the run program windows is alt F2, instead of the windows R in windows.
I think MS has made a lot more drastic changes than all that with windows 10.
Of course the command-line in Linux that is comparable to the command window in Windows operates pretty much the same, but the command names are different, but following the same concept as the command line in Windows, but I think few people any more do much at the command-line anyway.
But in Linux, you still use alt F4, and still alt tab, control C to copy and its associated file commands for pasting and the like are the same as in windows and lots more.
When in programs, you still have the typical old pull down menus like file and view and tools or whatever that are activated with alt whatever.
I know that folks often think learning another operating system would be daunting, but the fact that there is a separate list for windows 10 users is evidence that there are enough differences between 7 and 10 that the 10 users are best served on another list.
And the screenreader in Linux can use the Eloquence voice for a cost of 5 dollars, so you feel much like you are using NVDA in Windows.
But hey, this is a windows list, so I will stop my soap box here, and thanks for the checkbox information for windows 10.

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On Sat, May 16, 2020 at 09:50 AM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
That is one thing about Linux, it is more like windows 7 than Windows 10 is.
Not really.  Not by a long shot.  But . . .

The easiest way to get rid of the checkbox option globally on any Windows system is:

1. Open Control Panel, File Explorer Options (or Windows Explorer Options on earlier systems - the steps that follow are for Windows 10 and would have analogous ones in earlier versions of Windows).

2. Navigate to the View Tab, and then to the checkbox for Use check boxes to select items.  Uncheck it if it is checked.

3. Activate the OK button to exit.

You're done.

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