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How is this done in Windows 10?
I have a friend and I tandemmed into his computer to use a program for him, and everything says checked and someone told him that it cannot be changed, but I don't believe that.
But in his file window, that is, windows explorer, he has a ribbon, and I couldn't find tools and options on his file window.
I use 7, so I don't know the differences in 10 very well.
That is one thing about Linux, it is more like windows 7 than Windows 10 is.
But any help getting rid of the checked thing would be much appreciated.

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If by File Explorer you mean Windows Explorer, here's what to do.
Open Windows Explorer.
press Alt-T for Tools, O for options.
In the property page that opens, shift tab to the tab controls and right arrow to the view tab.
Tab to the tree view and find the item called "Use check boxes to select items." I pressed the letter U and jumped right to it.
Press spacebar to unselect the tree view item.
Tab to OK and press spacebar.
If File Explorer is different than Windows Explorer, maybe File Explorer copied the menu choices, property page and so on from Windows Explorer. Couldn't hurt to try.

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Subject: How to remove the check boxes that proceed my file names

All,’I just bought a new laptop and all of my file names in file explorer and the icons on the desktop have a check box that proceed them.  I remember changing this setting a long time ago, but for the life of me I can’t find it.  I seem to remember making this change inside of file explorer, but can’t remember where.  Also, what is the purpose for the check boxes?
Thank you in advance,
P.S.  I apologize if this is a very basic question, but I am a Mac user just getting back into the Windows pool and to say the least I am still in the kiddie pool.
Jim Weiss

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