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Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hi David/all,
I would like to have easier access to waiting room controls, and Hartgen's scripts have been immensely helpful to me. However, I would wish to describe a situation I am going to face in a few days, where the waiting room is an absolutely crucial part. Due to the current lockdown, we are going to hold distance exams. The easiest thing when you may be having some 100 students, is to hold several sessions of oral exams, which allow little time for students to refer to their books. If I had no waiting room, they would all come in and I could not hold a person by person exam, plus one trusted postgraduate as invigilator and helpful coordinator in case of technical issues. I am going to issue a notice telling them they will be admitted to the waiting room and they should be waiting there, until I admit each one in turn. By the way, everyone seems to suggest disabling the waiting room here on our group. I hold a pro account and within settings find no such option, or rather, I find it permanently checked.
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I can only concur that I have had exactly the same issue and for this reason have disabled the Waiting Room on all my meetings.
More specifically I find that I can admit people sporadically but focus shifts out of the waiting room area and I find it impossible to return focus if others enter the meeting late for example.
This does not help I know but it is not and individual issue.
Unless your meetings are vast I don't really know why you need the Waiting room as you are able, with a screenreader to easily identify all the meeting participants so once people are congregated in the meeting you can then review and check the participants list before the meeting starts and identify any potential interloper. This is essentially exactly the same check you would make with a waiting room anyway as far as I can tell. The waiting room formalises admission but if an interloper is there you can then if necessary terminate the meeting if they do not leave.

Unfortunately looking at the Zoom Professional page on Hartgen consultancy the Waiting Room does not appear to be covered.

David Griffith

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Subject: Zoom waiting room with JAWS2020

I am having an issue with the waiting room in Zoom where I am not able to find the participant to admit or JAWS announces that the participant list is open but the waiting room participants are not able to be located. I need to keep the waiting room setting enabled as I am using this in a work environment. Would the Zoom professional scripts from Hartgen consultancy resolve these issues?
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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