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Hello Kevin,
Thank you for your reply. Prior to changing the audio speaker setting
to same as system in the hopes of being able to regain speech again,
I was actually able to hear the host and all people presenting. Now
that I have done this, all speech is lost once I enter Zoom. I have
tried to change the setting back to just my headphones instead of same
as system but speech still does not return and I still cannot hear

On 5/15/20, kevin meyers <> wrote:
I have encountered the problem with Jaws2020 not talking. I can still hear
the host of the meeting and anyone else present. I was thinking of calling
Freedom Scientific and this would be like beating a dead horse.

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Subject: Zoom with JAWS and bluetooth headphones

When I open zoom and have my aftershocks bluetooth headphones connected, I
discover that I lose JAWS speech. I am using the latest version of JAWS2020.
Audio from zoom also does not come through.
Has anyone else noticed this? I did install silenzio because I noticed that
sound had been choppy but I have also tried uninstalling it and also
uninstalling and reinstalling Zoom to no avail.
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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