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Steve Matzura

This is interesting, because I   use the WR feature on all my meetings without problems.

1. Open the participants list (PL) with Alt+U.

2. Focus on the list of participants.

3. Press Shift+TAB until a list box--I think it's a list box--is located with names or telephone numbers of those in the waiting room (WR).

4. Press Down Arrow to make sure you are focused on a name or phone number with whom you wish to communicate via the "Message" button, or whom you want to admit to the conference via the "Admit" button.

5. TAB to the appropriate button and press ENTER to activate it.

If the person admitted to the conference is the last one in the WR, the entire list object will disappear. Either way, you're still in the PL pane.

On 5/15/2020 7:33 PM, David Griffith wrote:
I can only concur that I have had exactly the same issue and for this reason have disabled the Waiting Room on all my meetings.
More specifically I find that I can admit people sporadically but focus shifts out of the waiting room area and I find it impossible to return focus if others enter the meeting late for example.
This does not help I know but it is not and individual issue.
Unless your meetings are vast I don't really know why you need the Waiting room as you are able, with a screenreader to easily identify all the meeting participants so once people are congregated in the meeting you can then review and check the participants list before the meeting starts and identify any potential interloper. This is essentially exactly the same check you would make with a waiting room anyway as far as I can tell. The waiting room formalises admission but if an interloper is there you can then if necessary terminate the meeting if they do not leave.

Unfortunately looking at the Zoom Professional page on Hartgen consultancy the Waiting Room does not appear to be covered.

David Griffith

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I am having an issue with the waiting room in Zoom where I am not able to find the participant to admit or JAWS announces that the participant list is open but the waiting room participants are not able to be located. I need to keep the waiting room setting enabled as I am using this in a work environment. Would the Zoom professional scripts from Hartgen consultancy resolve these issues?
Thank you in advance for any responses.

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