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John Martyn

When I took an office 2007 class I had this very same issue. When editing
the pages or viewing them, don't use the preview within the program. Use the
slideshow directly from the file and it avoids this issue.

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In light of yesterday's Power Point discussion, I was messing around last
night with a file I happened to have on hand, but could never read for money
marbles, or chalk. I rotated views, shrank, and enlarged, and finally,
quite by accident, found a solution. If I engaged the Office ribbon menu,
prior to invoking Say All, a slide would read perfectly.
Otherwise, it would go straight down to the bottom of the presentation, and
emit a string of dings (imagine a vibraphone player doing a drum roll with
his mallets), telling me it was hitting bottom over and over again. Does
this sound as crazy to you guys as it does to me?


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