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Glenn / Lenny

Hi Robin,
There are times you might need to route the Jaws cursor to simulate a mouse click, but the other examples should not require a Jaws cursor.
For dialog boxes, it is easier to virtualized the window and read it with the PC cursor, that command is alt capslock (jaws cursor if not using laptop layout) and W.
And the other thing, you should not need a jaws cursor to read letter by letter in eMails, the PC cursor does all that.
Note, even if you have a desktop keyboard, you will have nothing to lose by using laptop layout and you will gain a lot of extra usage.
Like the use of the caps lock as a modifier.

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I’m still getting my head around using the JAWS cursor, as it doesn’t work like what I was  used to with Window Eyes.  As far as routing the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor, there are a couple of reasons I have found to need to do this.

  • I might be on a page and need to click something with the mouse.  I’ll hit the key to route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor. It’s not always perfect in doing this on web pages, but is generally accurate in editable documents. 
  • I’ve also been advised to use this in dialog boxes that aread reading fully or where I need to read the contents line by line or character by character.  If a dialog opens, I may route the JAWS cursor, then hit insert R to restrict the boundaries for where the JAWS cursor can move, then arrow up and down to read the contents of the box with the JAWS cursor.
  • If I want to read an email address in Outlook character by character, I might route the JAWS cursor to it, then use the left and right arrow keys to read letter by letter. 

One tip I’ve appreciated is to change the voice used for JAWS cursor so that you are clear as to which cursor you are using.  I have a male voice for my PC cursor, and a female voice for when I enable the JAWS cursor. 



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I sometimes wonder if all the cursors and system focus in JAWS can be moved to separate spots on the page, as if you had one hand feeling the top of the wall and the other hand feeling a lower part of the wall, each hand gathering information from different places. For example, I noticed you can route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor. But I don't think I have a firm understanding of that. Can intermediate or advanced JAWS users say something about that?

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