moderated Re: advanced users: Multiple cursors

Edward Green

Hi Mark,

You can do this to an extent. For example, when you turn on the JAWS cursor you are in effect moving the mouse pointer round the screen, leaving the PC cursor where it is. The route PC to JAWS then moves the PC cursor to where the JAWS cursor is, to save you the bother of moving the cursor yourself.

The real barrier for what you want to accomplish is that JAWS broadly speaking uses the same commands to move all of its cursors, and you decide which cursor you want to move by activating it.

This makes sense from one perspective because it saves having to remember a bunch of commands or saves JAWS commands conflicting with commands for Windows or the application you happen to be using.

However, other screen readers take/took different approaches. Back when it existed, Window-Eyes used different commands for moving the PC cursor and the mouse pointer. That meant that you could do what you say, and not be restricted only to having one cursor active at a time.



On Thu, 14 May 2020, 10:13 Mark, <mweiler@...> wrote:
I sometimes wonder if all the cursors and system focus in JAWS can be moved to separate spots on the page, as if you had one hand feeling the top of the wall and the other hand feeling a lower part of the wall, each hand gathering information from different places. For example, I noticed you can route the JAWS cursor to the PC cursor. But I don't think I have a firm understanding of that. Can intermediate or advanced JAWS users say something about that?

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