Re: Is first-letter navigation in Start Menu a JAWS feature

Debbie Kessler

It is a windows navigation method. Usually the first letter but not always.
Debbie, Chaz & Jessie

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Subject: Is first-letter navigation in Start Menu a JAWS feature

I have a question. Is first-letter navigation within the start menu a JAWS
feature or a Windows XP feature? In other words, if a person who is not
using speech clicks on the start menu, can they use the letters to highlight
the program or option they wish to access?

The reason I am asking is that I noticed something interesting. I use the
program Spybot - Search & Destroy. It automatically created a start menu
entry for me with that name. But I couldn't navigate to it using s or any
other letter or symbol within the name.

What I discovered is that the & symbol was preventing first-letter
navigation. When I renamed the start menu option Spybot - Search and
Destroy, using the word and instead of the ampersand symbol, first-letter
navigation was again possible.

Is this a JAWS bug or a Windows situation?

Thank you.
Bill White

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