Moderated Re: a couple of jaws questions


Hello Michael,
Press insert plus the number 6 to get into settings center and press
control shift d to get to the default file. type forms into the search
box and down arrow. You should hear forms mode press f6 anduse your
arrow up/down to locate the radial button that says manual now press
the f6 key again and tab to apply and hit space tab again to the ok
button and press enter or space.
To have your email read in Spanish automatically go into the quick
settings with an insert v and make sure that language detect change is

On 5/12/20, Michael Amaro <mikeameli@...> wrote:
Hello Listers,

Let me start out by saying that I am running windows 10 latest build jaws
2020 latest as well. With that out of the way first question How can I
keep jaws from going in to forms mode when lonching any browser? When I get
an email in spanish, how can I get jaws to read it in spanish


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