Moderated Re: Word 2010 Opening Old Documents


Mr. Spratt's idea will work like a charm.

Another option is using plain old paste, but then choosing "Merge Formatting" from the options that come up in a context menu immediately after the paste.

See this page,, for a description of merge formatting with regular paste.  It's behavior, and the behavior of Paste Special with unformatted, are generally identical, so whichever you find easiest is the way to go.

In both cases, though, you are creating a brand new document using the text from the original.  I've actually never used Paste Special when I've selected an entire document with things like bulleted or numbered lists or outlines in them.  Does it retain that aspect of the formatting from the original?  If not, I can definitely say that regular paste with merge formatting option does.  That generally gives you the font face and size specified in the blank document created from the Normal document template, while applying all other formatting like bold, italic, underline, etc., based on how the original text from the source was formatted.


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