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Adrian Spratt

The command to bring up the placemarker dialog is control+shift+k. to locate
the placemarker after it has been created, just press k.

Recent versions of JAWS have made this feature especially helpful with the
"anchor to text" option.

You begin by placing focus on the item you wish to mark. In my experience,
the placemarker stays constant only if I set it on a link.

When you bring up the placemarker dialogue, JAWS places you in a field that
is rarely helpful. Tab once to "Add" and press the spacebar. From here, you
tab through a few choices. For example, one asks if you wish the placemarker
to be anchored to the text where you have placed focus. Press spacebar to

A less obvious decision must be made for the query whether you want the
placemarker to apply throughout the domain, or website. An example where
this is desirable is the "print" link found in many newspaper websites. When
I land on an article in a newspaper I visit regularly, I immediately press
the letter k to locate the print link, where I have a placemarker that I've
set to apply on every page in the website.

But making the placemarker apply throughout the domain isn't always
desirable. If you have more than two or three placemarkers on a page,
adding a gratuitous placemarker can defeat the purpose. For example, on one
website I regularly visit, there's a particular page from which I like to
link back to my accounts page. I set a placemarker for that accounts link.
However, there's an accounts link on every page in that website, and I don't
use that link on other pages. So in this case, I ignored the global domain

Be sure to tab to the Okay button before closing the placemarker dialog.

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Been doing it all along. As soon as I have a couple links that I use, I mark

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Greetings All:
I found a review of the Daisy Book in the Training Section of the JAWS Help
menu for the Place Markers and the Custom Page Summary a helpful review.

Your mileage may vary but if, like me, you have not been using Place Markers
on cluttered web sites, invoking this feature might save you some time.

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