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Here's what it says while in the Zoom app after pressing INSERT plus H:

To enable or disable alerts, press Alt+Windows+S.
To hear the most recent alert, press Alt+Windows+A.
To be reminded of whether alert announcements are enabled or disabled, press
To review the last 10 alerts or messages, press Control+1 through to
Control+0. Press twice quickly to virtualise.
To only allow chat messages when pressing Control+1 through to Control+0
press control+F5.

Functionality has also been added to report:
The state of recording when ALT+R is pressed. This is a keystroke which
enables or disables the recording.
Whether the recording has been paused or is resuming when ALT+P is pressed.
Whether the audio has been muted for all participants when ALT+A is pressed.

The controls for scheduling and creating a meeting should also be easier to

Bill White

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can you post where is the setting within Zoom where
applications like Jaws that interact with Zoom can be unmuted.

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Subject: Zoom issue
Hello group,

Yesterday I posted a message in whicdh I mentioned that on a number of
recent occasions, when I act ivate Zoom, I can no longer hear JAWS.
Earlier today, I learned that there is a setting within Zoom where
applications likeĀ  Jaws that interact with Zoom can be unmuted. It would
be g reat if this feature could be permanently set inĀ  place as the
default. Has anyone used this feature?

I also contacted Freedom Scientific about this and was informed that
once I log into a Zoom meeting, to press Insert H where there are
opportunities to Unmute specific zoom elements.

Best, Justin

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