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Adrian Spratt



I notice you have a number of thoughtful responses. I’m wondering if what you’re looking for is the special paste command. Although I use special paste all the time, I haven’t done so for this purpose. Here’s how I’d try.


Open the old document in your version of Word.

Control-a to select all, control-c to copy.

Then create a new document and keep focus there.

Press control-alt-v. You will be shown a list of several format options. I choose unformatted so that the pasted copy will take your default format for newly created documents.


Apologies if I’m writing from left field.


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Hi All,


Running J16 thru J2020 With Window 7 & 10 and Office / Word 2010.  What can I do, or how do I set my default settings so that old documents will open and read using the updated settings of the, Normal.dotm?  Thanks much.

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